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hostel Knowledge, like life is a cycle. It starts with a question for which you seek an answer. Next comes understanding the answer and analyzing it which then leads to necessary action or application. This in turn leads to another question and the cycle thus goes on and grows on. At Nosegay Public School, children’s freedom and space is respected to enable them to blossom into well groomed individuals who can observe and assimilate knowledge through a process of self-discovery. The endeavour is to keep this flame of inquisitiveness burning in the child, so that the light of knowledge burns bright and shines on. The outcome of this noble exercise is that the students go on to make a mark in the world history and their success and glory transcends all geographical and universal frontiers.

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  • School will remain closed on 7th July,2016 for EID AL- FITR
    06 June, 2016
  • FA/SA SyllabusClick Here
    12 May, 2016
  • Daily Assembly ImagesClick Here
    23 July,2016
  • 36 Students got above 90% marks, 20 Commerce students got above 90% marks, 16 science students got above 90% marksClick Here
    25 May, 2016
  • NEW SCHOOL TIMINGS: 7:25 AM TO 12:35 PM w.e.f. 22 July,2016
    21 July,2016